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In modern times, the beauty has become a supreme value.

All seek it and they all want to keep forever. "Man is healthy when in harmony with the different stages of life,from physical and mental point of view." 

With this as a basis in 1973 in France was named by Dr JJ Legrand a new branch of medical practice, called Aesthetic Medicine. This concerns the rehabilitation of psychosomatic balance and optimize the overall appearance of a person with the use of invasive and non-application.
The term aesthetic medicine is heard more and more often nowadays. As discussed in medical circles but has mainly become known term in the simple world. For this reason the demand for aesthetic medical applications day by day grow both on a national and global level. A key pillar of aesthetic medicine is that it is a specialization that offers treatment not only in pathological subjects but also mentally.

Aesthetic medicine is not a specialty, is dermatology, ophthalmology is not, nor plastic surgery, but expertise which can only be done by physicians of all specialties who have attended specialized courses and masters on the field.
What is defined as aesthetic medicine is the optimization of psychosomatic human being. It can be applied by all physicians of all specialties since academically trained with the necessary knowledge. Since the beginning of the decade, the aesthetic medical interventions have increased. Today, after three decades, this industry has been recognized worldwide, establishing specialized graduate program for doctors of various specialties.

Some people might consider that the need to improve the external image, is vanity, the philosophy of aesthetic medicine comes to prove that it is exactly the opposite. The aesthetic medicine is prevention, and therefore acts in 3 systems (neuropsychiatric, endocrine, immune) which should always be placed in complete balance.
If you think about it as simply as possible, when someone wakes up in the morning and the image meets and fills him with joy, it automatically acts on neuropsychiatric system causing feelings of joy and well-being.

These feelings are proven to affect production – hormone secretion and thus we arrive at positive influence for the endocrine system. The correct operation of abovementioned systems, leads naturally into the correct functioning and improvement of the immune. Everything is chain.

Modern developments in our Aesthetic Medicine enable you to avoid surgery and perform the desired option, not only by choice, and sorting. With proper guidance and advice of the doctor, we are able to choose one of the many non-invasive aesthetic applications. (botox, fillers, PRP, mesotherapy, injections yarn, peelings, RF, Laser etc.)
The innovative techniques such as Plexr, along with two other techniques, the OFF and Vibrance cover the entire spectrum of cosmetic medicine and consequently bloodless surgery or else soft surgery or non invasive surgery and emerged as o perfect combination to treat all of unsightly problems in the face and body without surgery.

In our country Medical Aesthetics company headquartered and Bloodless Surgery (Aesthetic Medicine Society Non Ablative Surgery – SAMNAS) with active presence, organising and supporting many actions related to aesthetic medicine. Entering in www.samnas.gr you can subscribe to the Aesthetic Medicine Company and to participate actively in academic work.

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